Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Go where your dreams are...They're only a second away from coming

Everything I have lost has brought me to where I am today. .... I am stronger now because of all of the things that I've lost.If theres's one thing that I've learned in my life,it's when it's time to let go of something,let it go.Surrender to the things that are obstacles and set them free...Because,in order to let something better come into your life,you need to release the things that no longer serve you...Know,that at first because you haven't received your goal after you've manifested it in 6 months not even in a year,you will receive your dreams..Because first you have to let go,and trust,and have patience...... and then,believe. ..And then the closer it comes to you the closer your dreams,your visions,come to you when they're ready..... Everyday is a new journey when it comes to manifesting your life's purpose..... it comes closer and closer, and you'll know when your manifestations are ready to come to you, there is a magical energy in your body that just shines because you feel things flowing to you as it just comes to you literally,out of nowhere...... And believe me,there is no such thing as luck. We make our luck happen. When you allow yourself to focus on the direction where your dreams are,you put yourself in the right place.. And then,it just happens! Look around you,what are you grateful for today? Everyday your dreams take you to a newer level of commitment you see. So just keep on going,keep on manifesting and keep on trusting..Think of it this way,once you receive your manifestations,you have the rest of your life to grow with it..Whether,it's a relationship or a business or a new part of the world you're manifesting to live,or maybe it's just money,once it's here in your life,what do you plan to do with it after it connects with you? You see,with me,I'm manifesting one thing,but the ONE MAJOR manifestation,has other manifestations involved into one...they have to grow and form into one unit which in time it is going to. I've seen it,I've visualized the WHOLE manifestation,I've sweated it out and prayed and cleared my energy to allow for these things to come into play.. You betcha I've surrendered and my friends have seen me grow and heard me sweat things out and they've heard my fears.... But like my mentors (yes, I consider you guys my mentors, you know who you guys are)have guided me and allowed for me to see past the fears..To let me see that everything IS COMING TO ME.....My angels have definitely lost feathers,but the truth is,I've never stopped believing,EVER...Because, I've always believed in my journey and I've always believed in my dreams..And the miracles and blessings,they're constantly coming,because I TRULY BELIEVE in my dreams.. so,please....STAND IN YOUR POWER, stay focused on your visions..NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY,always remember,this is YOUR LIFE.....LIVE IT YOUR WAY!So go where your dreams are they're only one second away from coming *Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste Love & light* ♧~☆☆☆☆☆BLISS BE YOURS☆☆☆☆☆~♧

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

radiate from within your soul

When you radiate from within your soul it flows easily and abundantly... You need to go within yourself to sparkle brightly......... And that will always create the sparkle that you are longing to bring out..Don't ever let anything or anyone stop you from shining..There are always people looking to subtract your happiness but if you go from within and search for the sunlight and the blue skies you'll never see the gray skies...Just a flow of togetherness with your heart and mind can radiate a bright shine and it will always attract people that need sparkles of light,when you have that sparkle,share it with and send it out for all of the world to feel it...People beg for happiness,flow it to one another.Pretty soon, there will be more love and happiness and less hate and sadness...Just trust and focus on what's around you or inside of you and it will always attract your desired outcome in life and love and happiness and a day of peace......Just be you,that's all anyone wants to see..Nothing more and nothing less than the best which is you..Because everyone listens to your words of wisdom...And people radiate when they listen to your words of wisdom..Just go out and create and then everything is going to be right where you found it when you were looking for it...It's deep within you..You never have to look too far away when it's right there inside of you...You are a bright beautiful sunshine of light and you are a messenger of love and peace..BE IT.........Follow what is shone to you and it will all come to you easier... All I am saying is just glow with love and everyday go with the peace you feel,and then create the warmth of pleasure everywhere.... like the rain creates the rainbows when the sun is shining and raining,sparkles create a happiness that noone can take away! Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste go with light,love and peace Bliss always be yours

Saturday, April 18, 2015

coming together. ....saying goodbye to the past

And maybe their coming together is for the purpose of love and guidance without judgment and without regrets from the past..Just pure love and compassion and unconditional love that was formed through different times and distant places..Their friendship and connection and need for coming back together was to form a balance of happiness and healing energy..For good and bad....The happiness they built years ago many lives ago,come back to solve their problems of heartache and guilt in this lifetime....... for good times and bad they are there for one another with one common goal..To take back their hearts and instincts and unity that was taken away from them..This journey is healed and from this moment on,they made a pact to never allow any form of restrictions to tear them apart.....Never again do they let anything break them or tear them down because now they have each other to guide them.....The blessings of friendship and deep compassion for eachother, blessed them and they were able to create a wellness in their spirituality which guided them in their own romantic relationships...With all things surrendered they healed the pasts and severed the pain..Once and for all,there is nothing to hold them back with their friendship. .the fog was forever lifted......Yes they come heal the past! And say goodbye to the past..forever healed and they are forever freed... Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste Love & light & bliss be yours

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

People come together for different reasons

There's so much love out there to be shared and people are guided to each other for many different reasons..... Simply put,out of love and guidance we need that spiritual connection to join together its that bond that we create to connect or if you've known each others souls forever from distant and past lives,that journey comes back to create a new bond!And with this new creation we learn from one another, we grow together.....Love and compassion builds inside of this bond to format a unity,a harmony that creates ONE SOUL and turns it into serenity.. It forms a sort of healing,if you will,to heal each other's needs in the former of destiny to heal the sadness or stress that the other person has created..The purpose of life, is to unite and create peace........ So as to join us all together from another life's experiences OR this life's experiences....The creation and healing from peace to peace is regenerated from the other persons soul to share with your soul.....After all isn't that why we are put on earth together?To share experiences and learn more from the order person's journeys?yes! So,people come together to love and help another person!Let's all heal one another...because that's the right thing to do Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste Bliss be yours love & light

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inside her journey

It was inside her journey that she truly felt her experiences open up.From distant lands and world's beyond her that she truly felt at home in her open spaces. ....Because she applied her inner self to open up her journey and let it shine all around her...Because of this,her life transformed into a new direction of opportunities and possibilities of the blessings from the unknown.... it was partially from the different lives she faced her challenges,and also from the lessons in this life that she allowed herself her to focus and REALLY open up to the beauty of life..And because of the openness,she gave herself the freedom to enjoy her life and love that was all around her from the beginning...Which helped her to bring the two friendships that needed to be healed together,she worked her magic to create a more unified form of unconditional love that these two friends never felt before because of the many obstacles they shared in the past!Now the united friendship blossomed into what was meant to be in their lives before..deep friendship with different meaningful energies and through that healing these two friends found forgiveness not just in the circumstances of the lives before...But they found forgiveness and surrender in themselves..It's because of surrender that their hearts became whole again..For better or worse their friendship became stronger and more powerful than ever before...... In this journey,it is always and will always be about love,not romantic love but friendship love.....unconditionally and compassionately Because inside her journey she found the closure she needed for her blessings of friendship and abundance to blossom and transform themselves into what she truly longed for Peace,joy and love......magic happens when you truly believe....Bliss be yours with love and light... as always smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & namaste

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fall So Brightly That When You Get Back Up..You're Shimmering Bright Light

Stand up and take the fall....when you fall you can get up and land on your feet and see the shimmering lights surrounding you...It's not easy to accept the fall,especially if you fall hard!But when you're tough you can see the path that is leading you to where you need to be..How often have we all been there? I know for sure it's been plenty of times,but when you're powerful NOTHING STAND IN YOUR SHIMMERING LIGHT...What's better than knowing that you can do or be anything you want because you've fallen and picked yourself back up?nothing is better than that,right? I see your faces lighting up and blushing....Because you know you have...Hey its ok,that's what makes us stronger and more powerful....Be proud of your mistakes and don't forget how or why they happen,because it's all a part of the learning lessons we have in life!that's the beauty of life...And never forget that...Your dreams be one reality through falling..Because it's when you fall hard the you see stars and when you see these stars,then it'll guide you to a higher level of detail and precision of the directions for your path in life. So when you fall,don't say I've fallen and I can't get up,say I've fallen and I got back up and made a successful choice in life!Yes I've fallen so brightly that when I got back up,I shimmered brightly too. .all the way to the top of my dreams..Sure they started slow but my dreams told me to fasten my seat belts because the journey was speeding all the way up to more than I ever imagined my life could take me,very fast...And you too can be there!Never stop dreaming and always keep fighting and visualizing where you want to be..When you visualize your dreams,they connect to your soul and attract to you easier and with a strong sense of knowing that they're coming into your life faster than you think could ever imagine Love & Light and stand in your shimmering light,proudly! Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Show Up And Support Love

Be the difference between love and hate.Embrace everyone as a brother & sister and feel the unconditional love.Yes,feel inside the other person.Let's imagine how the other person is feeling . You see,it's by embracing people,that we find inside of ourselves the beauty and blessings that we really have.By appreciating what we have with gratitude and really looking at what is in our lives,we can build and create abundance,which builds more abundance...Abundance is more than monetary,it's also things that are sent to us out of nowhere from unexpected places that we can build prosperity..When you're allowing the flow of abundance you can appreciate the beauty and happiness that we DO HAVE in our lives.. Always know that we always have more than we realize we do......By living in gratefulness, we see everything that we have with joyfulness and mindfulness.......Life really is beautiful, share the legacy of your life with strangers and listen to what they have in their life and allow for others to share what they have in their life until it becomes the circle of joyful life....Show up and support love and share your blessings with those who need love and guidance without judgment to other people,put your arms around everyone and embrace the beauty that comes from compassion.... Join in and comfort with inspiration,be that persons destiny... Live in light and love with your unconditional heart Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste